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WARNING: experimental beta version, use with care!
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Try Mosaico first template: more to come soon, stay tuned!

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Designing and coding an email that works on every device and every client is a daunting task even for professionals.

Mosaico allows you to realize a beautiful and effective template without a team of professionals and hours of testing to make sure it works everywhere.

What does make Mosaico unique?

Responsive and tested Template, working with all major email clients and devices

Rapid graphic personalization of the overall theme

Flexibility and style customization of single elements

Intuitive drag & drop image upload and automatic resizing to fit available space

Global undo/redo system: stop wasting time with saves, reviews and confirmations

Custom templates support, with a simple template language (make your html design work on Mosaico in few hours)

Open Source: Mosaico is distributed under the GPL license and the complete code base is available on GitHub